Our agile development practices help us taking your idea into real business on time, reducing risk and rework

How can we help you?

If you are the owner of a business or if you are looking to start your startup, at BIGGSOFT we know the importance of your products, as this is the key component with which you will transmit value to your customers. business owners are getting benefit from our custom made software in the agile methodology.

Communication and Professionalism first

In BIGGSOFT we treat you like a partner, that is why throughout the project we will keep communicating with you, so that you can inform your stakeholders about the current status of your product and how your investment is being used. This in addition to our agile methodology allows us to reduce risks for you and ensure that the promise of product made in principle is met in quality, delivery time and within budget.

Cost Efficient Manner

With the agile methodology, we obtain a broad perspective of the activities, allowing us to control more effectively the priorities and deliverables of the project. BIGGSOFT creates a first delivery of the project in which it shows you the scope of your idea and in this way ensures to deliver the value you are looking for, without risks of delays affecting the budget.


UI/UX Design

Users should not only visit your website & app but also love it. We breathe life into your application with a web design that will create a memorable customer experience.

Mobile Apps

Our designers are true mobile experts who understand the challenges of designing apps with limited space. When it comes to building your app, we use React Native as well as fully native development, and we can help you choose the right technology for your project.

Web Development

Complex business logic, database driven sites, legacy integration's these are the backbone of the internet. If your users are interacting via the web or native mobile, your back-end systems must be reliable

We're constantly pushing our skills forward to provide our clients with the technology needed for modern applications.